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Juvenile Charges Should Not Ruin A Young Person’s Future

When a youth is accused of a crime, it can have immediate and long-term consequences. Juvenile convictions do not always stay sealed when they reach adulthood. Juveniles charged as adults can be locked up past age 18. If your son or daughter is in trouble with the law, take action to protect their future.

The Angelos Law Group is a strong advocate for minors who find themselves in the juvenile justice system. Award-winning criminal defense lawyer Lauren Angelos will do everything she can get the charges dismissed or shield your child from the worst consequences. She believes that one youthful incident doesn’t make you a bad person or doomed to a life of crime.

You Have One Chance To Get Your Child A Second Chance

It matters who you hire to defend your son or daughter. Lauren Angelos is known for her aggressive strategies and courtroom skills. But juvenile defense sometimes requires a more subtle approach. Lauren is well-versed in the juvenile system and how to advocate for your child to achieve the best outcome.

Ms. Angelos has represented youths accused of all levels of crimes:

  • Theft and vandalism
  • Drug possession and alcohol offenses
  • Truancy and probation violations
  • Trespassing and burglary
  • Assault and crimes of violence
  • Sex offenses

You can count on Lauren Angelos to explore every possible defense and all the alternatives to juvenile detention. Youths may benefit from professional counseling, treatment for substance abuse and other interventions. Restitution, community service or strict probation may help them take responsibility for their actions and choose a different path. The focus should always be on preserving the youth’s future rather than punishment.

Serious Representation For Serious Juvenile Crimes

If a minor is accused of a major felony such as rape, robbery or murder, the prosecutor may seek to have him or her tried as an adult. That means they would be subject to years in prison and all the other penalties that a defendant over 18 would face. The Angelos Law Group makes every effort to keep youths in the juvenile system, where they have more hope of rehabilitation and a future to look forward to. Ms. Angelos will provide a vigorous defense in juvenile court or adult court, knowing what is at stake.

Make The Call Today To Protect Their Tomorrow

Don’t expect the judge to go easy on your son or daughter just because it’s their first offense. Hire an attorney right away to protect your child’s rights. Call Lauren Angelos at 619-383-0771 or reach out by email and she will respond as soon as possible.

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