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A Strong Defense For Drug Charges

A drug conviction carries jail or prison time and a heavy stigma. A drug crime on your record will make it harder to get a job. If you are accused of possessing or dealing drugs, get the Angelos Law Group on your side as soon as possible.

Lauren Angelos has earned a reputation in San Diego County as a tough and smart criminal defense lawyer. She will aggressively challenge the case against you to position you for the best possible outcome of these serious charges. Call her today at 619-383-0771 .

Whatever The Charges, Angelos Law Group Has Your Back

The Angelos Law Group handles drug possession charges, including possession of prescription narcotics, possession with intent to distribute, and charges of drug trafficking or smuggling. The charges and potential penalties depend on the type of drug, the amount, prior drug offenses, and aggravating factors such as bringing a firearm to a drug transaction.

Lauren Angelos will make every effort to avoid a conviction, especially for a simple drug possession charge. Many people caught with drugs have an addiction problem and need help, not punishment. First offenders may qualify for diversion programs such as Drug Court in lieu of jail and a criminal record.

Vigorous Drug Crime Defense

Whether your drug arrest was the result of an undercover sting or a traffic stop, no case is airtight. Mr. Angelos challenges every facet of the government’s case. Was there probable cause to stop the car? Did the police conduct an illegal search of your vehicle or home or otherwise violate the Fourth Amendment? Can they connect the drugs to you, or are they just charging everybody?

identifying the weakness in the prosecution’s version allows Lauren Angelos to create reasonable doubt at trial or leverage for reduced charges or lesser penalties. Where other lawyers are content to enter a guilty plea, the Angelos Law Group comes ready to fight for you and your future.

Call Today To Hire A Proven Lawyer

Call 619-383-0771 or contact the Angelos Law Group online to arrange a consultation with a skilled lawyer who is passionate about justice. Ms. Angelos is a strong supporter of the military community and provides a discount to veterans and active-duty military personnel in the San Diego area.

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